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1 person 1116 years old a nomad father shows his son what he has to do for his morning chores. abyssinia action aerial africa african christianity african culture age age 1015 age 1015 years age 2530 years age 4055 age 4055 years age 46 years age 47 age 5065 age 812. dog agility agony agriculture agriculture romania aim alcohol amhara ancient culture ancient tigray ancient wrestling ancient wrestling indian wrestler anger animal aqua argument art artist asia asian asian traditions asians autumn autumn romania back to camera backet backflip backlight bait baker bakery bananas banks banks islands banyan tree barrel basket baskets beach beating the drum beautiful bench benchm bible big and strong bite biting black and white block blue blue light blue sky boat bond bow and arrow boy breakfast ijen crater breaking bridge bright bubbles bullock bullock cart romania bullock romania bush bushman caldera camel canoe canopy capture carrying carving catch cattle cattle herder cattle romania celebration ceremony chain saw chat chief chiefs child children chip chisel chore chores christian africa christianity christmas christmas celebrations chuldren church church elder church romania church singing chutch choir cigarette clear water climbing close up close up view closeness cloud clouds coal coconut coconut crab coconuts community competition concentration congregation contemplation cooking copra pacific coptic christian coral costume countryside couple couple romania craft crafts crater crater of kawah ijen cross crowd crumbling crush crystal cultural culture culture of ethiopia culture of india culture of indian people culture of indians culture of vanuatu cultures of africa custom cut dance dancers dancing dark darkness darnkess dawn deep desert desolate romania devotion difficult divine diving divinity documentary dog dogs donation dramatic light drinking drum beat drummers drumming drying dumbells dusk dust dy leaves romania dynamic earth east java eating elder male elderly elderly man energetic ethiopia ethiopian culture ethiopian empire ethiopian religion ethiopian traditions ethiopian traditions in lalibela ethnic excitement exercise exotic expression expressive extinguish eyes closed face faire faith fall falling family far view fast father and son feathers feeding feeding romania female festival field filipino fire firelight fish fisherman fishermen fishing fishing rod fishing with a spear fitness flame flame torch flashlight flock fog fog romania foliage folk art folkart forest frendship frest friends friendship frienship fumes garden gentle giant indian wrestler girl god golden hour golden light gospel grappling grass romania green greenery grey grinding group group of people hamer hamer culture hamer people hamer tribe hand hands happiness happy hay hay stacks heavy high hill hills romania hindu hinduism holy home horizontal horn of africa horse horse cart romania hose hot house household household romania houses hunting husband hut ijen ijen caldera ijen crater ijen sulphur mining ijen volcanic crater ijen volcano ijen volcano ijen sulfur mining imposing india india culture indian indian art indian costume indian countryside indian culture indian custom indian folk art indian folkart indian hindu culture indian religion indian strong man indian strongman indian subcontinent indian tradition indian traditions indian tribal culture indian village life indian wrestler indian wrestling indians indigenous indigenous people indigenous people of ethiopia indigenous people of vanuatu indonesia indoors injury innocence intense intensity interior interior romania intimidating ishing island jagged java joke journey joy jump jumping kannur kastom kastom dress kava kawah ijen kawah ijen sulfur kawah ijen sulfur mining kawah ijen sulphur kawah ijen sulphur mining kerala kerala culture kerala tradition kerosene killing kitchen kolhapur kushti kushti indian wrestler kushti indian wrestler traditional india kushti indian wrestlers kushti mud wrestling kushti wrestler kushti wrestlers kushti wrestling on soil kusti labor laborer labour labourer lagoon lake lalibela lamp land landscape orientation laugher leaves life in the omo valley lifting light light beam light clouds light ray light rays light romania livelyhood livestock load lobster logging lower omo valley machinery magic hour maharashtra maharasthra make up makeup malampa province male malekula man mangrove manual labor maramures maramures romania marine mask maskelyne island massage mat mat weaving mature mauritania mauritanian meat melancholic melanesia melanesian men metal rod mid view middle age money morning morning romania mother and child mountain mountains movement mud mud wrestling music mystique nakamal nalawan nalawan festival namba namboodiri native nature net newspaper night nomad nomadic nomads north ethiopia oain oar ocean ocean pacific oceania offering omo valley opponent orthodox christianity ountain outdoor outdoors outfit outrigger outrigger canoe pacific paddle paddling pain paint palm panay partnership pastor path path pacific peak pear fishing people of ethiopia people of vanuatu performance performer performing art pew philippines pig pig tusk pigsty pilgrimage pilgrimage to lalibela pilgrims pit plants plateau play playful playfullness pork portrait portrait orientation power powerful prayer preparation priest pumpkin seeds rabari rah lava island rainbow red paint reef relaxing religion religion in lalibela religion tradition religions of africa remote rest resting ridge ijen crater ritual ritualistic rituals rock rock church rock hewn church rock hewn churches of lalibela rocks rolling hills romania romania romania romanian romanian countryside romanian hungarian romania room rough rough texture rural rural india rural life rural living rural living romania rural romania sacred sacred tigray sacrifice sacrificial sahara sail san joaquin sand scales scary scenery scenery romania scenic sea seafood searching serene serenity setting sun shack sheep shepherd shirt shooting shore shrub silhouette singing sit ups sitting sky skye slab slingshot smile smoke smoking snake dance snorkel snorkelling snow peak romania soil somersault song south east asia south india south indian south indian culture south indian tradition south pacific south west bay spear spear fisherman spear fishing spearfishing spearing fish spirituality splashing sport steep stone street strength stripes strong strong and big strong giant strong man strong man from india traditional india strongman struggle subdued colors sufuric fumes sulfur sulfur miner sulfur miners sulfur miners of ijen sulfur miners of kawah ijen ijen sulfur mining sulfur mining at ijen sulfuric fumes sulphur sulphur miner sulphur miners sulphur mining at ijen sulphuric fumes sun sunny sunny skies sunrise sunset swim swimming teaching team teamwork teenager temple theyyam thin tigray tigray culture tigray ethiopia tigray orthodox christianity tigray people tigray tradition tongue tool torba province torch tough tough kushti wrestling toughness tradition tradition of india tradition of vanuatu tradition romania traditional traditional asia traditional costume traditional culture traditional india traditional indian traditional indian woman traditional indian wrestler traditional sacrifice traditional woman traditions traditions of ethiopia traditions of india training trance transaction transylvania travel tree tree roots tree trunk trees tribal tribe tribes of africa truck turban turmeric turmi turquoise uleveo underwater unloading vanuatu vanuatu culture vanuatu customs vanuatu pacific vanuatu people vanuatu tradition vanuatu. coral pacific vanuatu. strong vertical victory view from above village village life village life romania village pacific volcano volcano ijen crater volcano ijen sulfur mining warm warm. silhouette washing washing basin water weapons weathered face romania weathered hands weaving weaving pacific wedding weigh in weight romania weights wife romania window window pacific woman wood work work romania worker worker ijen crater workers workers ijen crater working working conditions ijen crater working hands working ijen crater working. mountain ridge worship wrestler wrestlers wrestling wrestling excersise wrestling indian wrestler wrestling on soil wrinkled hands ijen crater yong young young indian wrestler youth youth excersise youth indian wrestler
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